Arseniy Svynarenko.

Arseniy Svynarenko


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1. Articles in refereed international scientific journals

Svynarenko A. (2005) Den politiska kulturen i det nya Ukraina: en generationsanalys,  Nordisk østforum no.1 2005 (in Swedish)

2. Articles in refereed international scientific edited volumes and refereed international scientific conference proceedings

Svynarenko A. (2013) Regional identities future expectations and work values in H.Helve and K.Evans (eds) Youth and Work Transitions in Changing Social Landscapes London: Tufnell Press

Svynarenko A. (2007) Conquering Space and Mobilizing the Nation: the specifics of the use of information technologies by the young generation of Russians, Forum 21- European Journal on Youth Policy. Council of Europe

Svynarenko, A (2001) National, Political and Cultural Identities of Youth: Tendencies in Post-Soviet Ukraine, in H.Helve and C.Wallace, eds.: Youth, Citizenship and Empowerment, Aldershot: Ashgate

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Svynarenko A. (2001) National Identities of Young people in Ukraine: Continuities and Discontinuities in a Country in Transition, in Youth Research in Europe: the next generation. Perspectives on transitions: Identities and citizenship, Strasbourg: Council of Europe Publishing.

3. Articles in refereed Finnish scientific journals

Svynarenko, A. (2014)  Työperäinen muuttoliike Ukrainasta, Idäntutkimus 1/2014 (in Finnish)

Svynarenko, A., Jänis-Isokangas, I., Palonkorpi, M., Smith, H. (2004) Venäjän kansallispatrioottinen vaihtoehto? Idäntutkimus, Helsinki: Suomen Venäjän ja Itä-Euroopan tutkimuksen seura 2004:2 (in Finnish)

4. Articles in refereed Finnish scientific edited volumes and refereed Finnish scientific conference proceedings

Svynarenko, A., (2015) The Situation of Young People in Armenia in Mikko Palonkorpi (ed.) The South Caucasus beyond Borders, Boundaries and Division Lines, Turku: Juvenes Print

Svynarenko A. (2007) Building Ukraine’s Political Nation: a Borderland between the East and West, in Markku Kangaspuro (ed.) Constructed Identities in Europe, Helsinki: Kikimora

Svynarenko A. (2007) The Interest Divide: Ukraine Facing East and West, in David Dusseault (ed.) The CIS: Form or Substance?, Helsinki: Kikimora

 Svynarenko A. (2005) Growing to be a citizen: civil society and youth policies in Russian Karelia, in Harri Melin (ed.) Social Structure, Public Space and Civil Society in Karelia, Helsinki: Kikimora

Svynarenko A. (2005) Virtual Spaces for “Imagined Communities”: The Internet and Representations of the National Identities of Youth in Saint Petersburg, in Carsten Yndigegn, Peter Waara, Kari Paakkunainen (eds.) Internet, Interaction and Networking: Post-national Identities of Youth in Cities around the Baltic Sea, Helsinki: Kikimora

Svynarenko, A (1999) Sociocultural Identifications on the Threshold of the Epochs, in N.Pobeda (ed.) Youth Subculture, Odessa: Astroprint (in Russian: Свинаренко А.Н. Социокультурные идентификации на переломе времен // Молодежная субкультура/ Под ред. Н.А. Победы. – Одесса: АстроПринт, 1999. - С. 143-159.)

5. Other scientific publications

Svynarenko A. (2006) Young generation of Russians: ideologies, opportunities and risks, speech presented to plenary session at seminar “Russia: Limits of Economic Growth and New Opportunities” organized by Working Group for Social Sciences under the Finnish-Russian Commission for Scientific and Technological Cooperation, 3, October 2006

Svynarenko A. (2003) 16-Year-Olds Won’t Vote This Time: Russian democrats attempt to bring adolescents to the ballot box  in: Russian Elections 2003-2004, December 2003, at: at