Dana Fusco is Professor and Chair in Teacher Education at York College, The City University of New York. For the past twenty years, Dr. Fusco’s research has focused on youth work and opportunities in afterschool. Her work has lead to increased national and international recognition. She has delivered several keynote addresses at international conferences, serves on national panels in youth work, has authored dozens of peer-reviewed articles and produced the documentary, When School Is Not Enough. Her most recent work is an edited volume to be published later this year entitled, Advancing Youth Work: Current Trends, Critical Questions. She is also currently working on a second edited volume: Youth and Inequality: Global Actions in Youth Work and Education, with Dr. Michael Heathfield.

Juha Nieminen is University Instructor of Youth Research and Youth Work at the University of Tampere. His research interests are in Youth Work and Youth Education including the History, Theory and Meaning of Youth Work as well as the Professionalism of Youth Work. As a university teacher in Tampere since 1988, he has been responsible for numerous courses in Youth Work, Pedagogy, Youth Research and Research Methods. Juha Nieminen is the author of the comprehensive History of Finnish Youth Work (“Nuorisossa Tulevaisuus, 1995”) and his recent publications in English are: “The history of youth work as a profession in Finland” in Marti Taru, Filip Coussée , Howard Williamson (eds) The history of youth work in Europe - Volume 4, Council of Europe Publishing (2014);  “Theories and Traditions Informing Finnish Youth Work” in Ruth Gilchrist et al (eds) Reappraisals - Essays in the history of youth and community work, Russell House Publishing (2013); and “A Finnish perspective: features of the history of modern youth work and youth organisations” in Filip Coussée, Howard Williamson, Griet Verschelden (eds) The history of youth work in Europe - Volume 3, Council of Europe Publishing (2012)