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The 2013 Finnish Conference on Youth Studies

Generations, Economy and Equity

Helsinki 6 November 2013

The XII Finnish Conference on Youth Studies will be organised in Helsinki on 6 November 2013, from 10am to 6pm. The site of the event is the House of Science and Letters (Kirkkokatu 6). The conference theme is “Generations, Economy and Equity”.

Inter- and transgenerational relations, as well as generational policies and politics, have once more emerged as current topics in public discussion. Ideas about equity, equality and the conditions of their realisation, between and within generations, are contested and open to dispute. The aim of the conference is to enliven interdisciplinary discussion that addresses the relationship between structural issues pertaining to intergenerational equity and the everyday aspects of the youth.

The conference will commence with a keynote address by Professor Guy Standing (SOAS, University of London) on the transgenerational and transnational qualities of the precariat. This will be followed by a response from ProfessorEeva Jokinen (University of Eastern Finland) and general discussion.

After lunch, the programme will continue with a panel discussion with experts and agents from different fields of activity and research. The panelists will then lead conference participants into small-group discussions. In the panel and small groups, the topic of the conference will be approached in more detail in terms of youth studies, political studies, economics, and policymaking.

The panelists include Senior Researcher Sanna Aaltonen (Finnish Youth Research Network), Professor Kaisa Herne (University of Tampere), Researcher Tuuli Hirvilammi (University of Helsinki), Special Adviser Lauri Korkeaoja (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and Director General Jukka Pekkarinen (Ministry of Finance). The panel will be chaired by Researcher Tuukka Tomperi (Finnish Youth Research Network). The conference will conclude with presenting the Thesis Competition Awards of the Finnish Youth Research Society, followed by a closing address by Professor Juha Siltala (University of Helsinki).

There is no participation fee for the members of the Finnish Youth Research Society. For other participants, the full rate is 30 euros and the reduced rate 15 euros.

Welcome to the 2013 Finnish Conference on Youth Studies!

The Finnish Youth Research Society & Network


Wednesday 6 November 2013

9:00              Registration
10:00            Opening of the conference.
10:15            Keynote address
                       Professor Guy Standing, SOAS, University of London.

                      Commentary: Professor Eeva Jokinen, University of Eastern Finland.

12:00            Lunch (own expense)
13:00            Panel discussion
                      Chair: Researcher Tuukka Tomperi, Finnish Youth Research Network         

                      Senior Researcher Sanna Aaltonen, Finnish Youth Research Network                    

                      Professor Kaisa Herne, University of Tampere                  

                      Researcher Tuuli Hirvilammi, University of Helsinki                    

                      Special Adviser Lauri Korkeaoja, Prime Minister’s Office

                      Economic Policy Coordinator Jukka Pekkarinen, Ministry of Finance (Economics Department)

14:30            Break
14:45            Small-group thematic sessions led by the panelists
16:15            Coffee
16:45            Presenting the Thesis Competition Awards of the Finnish Youth Research Society with responses by the awardees
17:15            Closing address
                       Professor Juha Siltala, University of Helsinki.

17:45            Closing of the conference