Finnish Youth Research Anthology 1999–2014

Tommi Hoikkala & Meri Karjalainen (eds.)

This book is a compilation of peer-reviewed articles in English by youth researchers connected to the Finnish Youth Research Network (FYRN) that have been published during 1999–2014. The book showcases the achievements of the vibrant youth research community in Finland.


This book is a compilation of peer-reviewed articles in English by youth researchers connected to the Finnish Youth Research Network (FYRN) that have been published during 1999–2014. The book showcases the achievements of the vibrant youth research community in Finland. The anthology brings to fore a selection of the type of research conducted by FYRN that is published internationally. One of the historically distinctive features of Finnish youth research lies in its connection with youth and public policy. A context like this produced the need for the research to contribute to the academic debate whilst also informing public policy. The book provides an overview of the Finnish youth research system and its fields. It contains an abundance of interesting articles from which to choose. The topics range from life cycle, social worlds and generation; scripts, discourses and narratives on youth; institutions and practices; media and consumption; ethnicity and multiculturalism, and youth work to research approaches and concepts.


2016. Finnish Youth Research Society, Finnish Youth Research Network Publications 172.


ISBN:  978-952-5994-93-3
ISSN: 1799-9219
Language: English
Pages 635


Acknowledgements 9

1. Introduction

Introduction: Mapping the field 13
Tommi Hoikkala

2. Life cycle, social worlds and generation

What About Younger Generations? Generation Research and Youth Politics
Tommi Hoikkala & Petri Paju 43

Youth Cultures, Lifestyles and Social Class in Finnish Contexts
Tarja Tolonen 73

Staging to Peers and Evading from Educators. Youth and the Appeal of Hangout Spaces in Finland
Antti Kivijärvi 94

Leisure-time Activities, Hobbies and the Social Capital of the Young
Pasi Koski 108

Perspectives to Doping Substance Use Outside Elite Sports in Finland
Mikko Piispa & Mikko Salasuo 121

‘Fat-Free Individual’ – Ideal Citizenship and the Anorexic Body
Anne Puuronen 145

Reflexivity and Changes in Attitudes and Value Structures
Helena Helve 163

3. Scripts, discourses and narratives

Exploring Dimensions of Age in Young People’s Lives. A Discourse Analytical Approach
Sinikka Aapola 181

Baltic Political Spaces and Young People
Kari Paakkunainen 199

Driven by the Devil. Popular Constructions of Youth Satanist Careers
Titus Hjelm 219

Violence from Within the Reform School
Päivi Honkatukia & Leo Nyqvist & Tarja Pösö 234

Soundtrack of the School Shootings: Cultural Script, Music and Male Rage
Tomi Kiilakoski & Atte Oksanen 253

Anglo-American Pop Music, Finnish Tango, and the Controversial Images of Modernity in Finland in the 1960s
Janne Poikolainen 275

4. Institutions and practices

Whose Arena is the EU Youth Policy? Young Participants’ Involvement and Influence in the EU Youth Policy from Their Own Points of View: Case of the EU Presidency Youth Event in Hyvinkää, Finland
Sofia Laine & Anu Gretschel 297

Municipal Welfare Planning for Children and Youth
Mirja Määttä 321

Told, Denied and Silenced. Young People’s Interpretations of Conflicts and Gender in School
Sanna Aaltonen 332

5. Media & Consumption

Youth and their Media Use: Discussion on Habits, Attitudes and Trust
Sonja Kangas & Outi Cavén 349

Mobile Phone Use as Part of Young People’s Consumption Styles
Terhi-Anna Wilska 357

To Consume or Not to Consume? Young People’s Environmentalism in the Affluent Finnish Society
Minna Autio & Visa Heinonen 376

Youth Media Participation: Global Perspectives
Sirkku Kotilainen & Annikka Suoninen 394

Social Shyness: A Cue for Virtual Youth Service Among the Young in MMOs?
Jani Merikivi 413

Young People, Researchers and Benetton. Contest Interpretations of a Benetton Advertisement Picture
Janne Seppänen 424

Crime Victimization, Exposure to Crime News and Social Trust Among Adolescents
Venla Salmi & Mirka Smolej & Janne Kivivuori 442

6. Ethnicity and multiculturalism

Membership Contests: Encountering Immigrant Youth in Finland
Päivi Harinen, Leena Suurpää, Tommi Hoikkala, Petri Hautaniemi, Sini Perho, Anne-Mari Keskisalo, Tapio Kuure & Krista Künnapuu 463

Fugitive Memories – How Young Somali Men Recall Displacements and Emplacements in Their Childhood
Petri Hautaniemi 479

“Save the Girls!” Gender Equality and Multiculturalism in Finnish Youth Work Contexts
Veronika Honkasalo 492

7. Youth work

The Meaning of Youth Work. Settlement Youth Work, Overlapping Communities and Topical Life Histories
Juha Nieminen 509

The Hedonistic Altruism of Young Voluntary Workers 526
Jaana Lähteenmaa 526

8. Research approaches and concepts

Now Which of Us Are Excluded? Conceptual Examination of Marginalization and Social Exclusion
Tero Järvinen & Markku Jahnukainen 547

From Local Cliques to Subcultures and Late Modern Youth. Interpretations of Young People’s Group Behavior in Finnish Youth Research
Mikko Salasuo & Janne Poikolainen 565

Finnish Youth Cultural Research and Its Relevance to Youth Policy
Tommi Hoikkala & Leena Suurpää 585


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