Youth Barometer 2020: Young people are mostly satisfied with services

As many as 95% of young people in Finland felt that the health care services, school health services and student health care services they had received were sufficient. These are some of the findings of the 2020 Youth Barometer, the topic of which was services offered to young people. The data was collected at the beginning of 2020, before the coronavirus pandemic arrived in Finland.

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Travel report from the land of fire and ice: The Icelandic model and its suitability for Finland

A year ago, in February 2020, Storm Dennis battered the streets of Reykjavik. The Covid-19 crisis had not really started yet. Finland was preparing the ‘Finnish model’, which is a new way of organising children's leisure time and hobbies. One example being used in the preparations was the Icelandic model that has gained a good reputation around the world. And so, a research team of three adjunct professors set off on a mission to the island state.

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Competition for Youth Research Theses 2021

The Finnish Youth Research Society is looking for high-quality theses and will reward the best ones with the Youth Research Thesis Awards. Competition has two categories: one for universities and another for universities of applied sciences.

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