Girlhood Studies Research Meeting

31.10.2013 09:00 - 17:00

Tyttötutkimusverkosto, The Finnish Network for Girls’ Studies, and FlickForsk! Nordic Network for Girlhood Studies will in the autumn organize a multidisciplinary research meeting at Åbo Akademi University for researchers who are doing work on girls and girlhood. The meeting will start in the morning and continue throughout the day. In the evening a dinner as well as a pre-release publication party for the forthcoming Nordic theme issue of Girlhood Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal will be organized.

Keynote speakers are Bodil Formark (Umeå University) and Elina Paju (University of Helsinki). Bodil is currently working on a postdoc project about how women’s history has been used in various pro-girl empowerment projects and children’s literature. Elina defended her PhD on materiality, embodiment, agency and little girls in March 2013.

We warmly welcome papers from researchers, postgraduates as well as undergraduate students of different disciplinary approaches. The topics of the papers could include, for example, girl cultures, girlhood in media and literature, girls in history or girls, materiality and embodiment.

The meeting will offer an opportunity to present and discuss ongoing research on girls and girlhood. If you wish to present a paper, please submit a paper about your research (2-3 pages) with your name, affiliation and contact information to Heta Mulari ( and Bodil Formark ( Deadline for submission of abstract is 2 October 2013. If you would like to participate without presenting a paper, please send your name, affiliation and contact information to us. Programme and additional information will be sent out shortly after the submission deadline.

Tyttötutkimusverkosto, Finnish Network for Girls’ Studies (founded in 2006) is a multidisciplinary research network that brings together researchers who focus on girls, girlhood and girl culture. The network is an independent sub-network of the Finnish Youth Research Society. The network maps and promotes girls’ studies in Finnish universities, plans and organizes education and advances visibility of girls’ studies in Finland. In addition, the aim of the network is to improve and support international academic co-operation.

FlickForsk! Nordic Network for Girlhood Studies (founded in 2008) is a research network for researchers within the humanities and social sciences who are doing work on girls, girls’ culture and girlhood. The name FlickForsk is an abbreviated fusion of the Swedish words for “girl” (flicka) and “research” (forskning). FlickForsk is affiliated with Forum for Gender Studies at Mid Sweden University. The primary aim of the network is to arrange academic events and provide a meeting space for academics doing work within the field of Girlhood Studies in the Nordic region, to find ways to collaborate and exchange research results with researchers outside the Nordic region.