Revisiting Somali Identities – Addressing Gender, Generation and Belonging

20.08.2015 08:30 - 22.08.2015 22:00
The 12th SSIA Congress will be held in Helsinki, Finland, 20–22 August 2015, in cooperation with University of Helsinki, University of Jyväskylä, University of Eastern Finland, Finnish Youth Research Society and Finnish Somalia Network.

The title of the 12th SSIA Congress is Revisiting Somali Identities – Addressing Gender, Generation and Belonging. The congress pays close attention to the complex and multidimensional nature of Somali identity and its presentation both in Somalia and in the diaspora communities. The congress challenges its participants to explore the diverse and often intersecting aspects of Somali identity, such as gender, generation, geography, culture, ethnicity and religion. It also seeks to scrutinize the different practices and processes through which resettlement societies enable or hinder the inclusion and membership of their Somali population. Furthermore, the congress will address the rebuilding process of Somalia, and the multiple factors shaping this process (e.g. political, economic, gender-related, and transnational).

Addressing multidimensional Somali identities requires reflections on history, tradition and religion, as well as on current social, political and economic conditions. Therefore, the congress will be multidisciplinary drawing from various fields and perspectives so that it would be possible to address the fundamental questions of Somali identity both in the Horn of Africa and in the diaspora.

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Revisiting Somali Identities – Addressing Gender, Generation and Belonging
12th Somali Studies International Sssociation (SSIA) Congress